India reaffirms support for Syria in its war on terrorism and its reconstruction efforts: Ambassador

DAMASCUS, (ST)- The Syrian-Indian relations are deep-rooted since Syria's independence in 1946. The two countries have announced full understanding on supporting the two countries' issues at international forums  and on enhancing bilateral relations in the political, economic and cultural domains.   

 Marking India's Republic Day, celebrated on January 26th  every year, the Indian Ambassador in Damascus Hifzur Rahman reaffirmed his country's support for Syria in its war on terrorism and its reconstruction efforts.

In an interview with SANA, Hifzur Rahman said that solution in Syria must be realized through a comprehensive political process led by the Syrians and based on respecting Syria's sovereignty, territorial integrity and right to fight terrorism with all its forms.

 Concerning India's participation in the reconstruction process in Syria, the Indian diplomat said that his country will reactivate cooperation memos signed between Syria and India, noting the willingness and desire of the Indian businessmen and economic parties to find real opportunities of investment cooperation in Syria. He also referred to coordination with Syria's Planning and International Cooperation Commission to implement several projects in several domains, including tourism, transport and technology.

In this regard, Hifzur Rahman pointed out that the Indian Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited (BHEL) has resumed its work in Syria to equip and expand Tishreen Thermal Power Plant, despite all the difficulties that resulted from the economic blockade imposed on Syria.

According to Hifzur Rahman, India has provided training grants to employees in various ministries in addition to scholarships that have been provided since 2018 to more than a thousand Syrian students in various fields.

The Indian ambassador went on to say that a memorandum of understanding was signed between the two countries to reactivate the Syrian-Indian Center for Excellence for Information Technology in Damascus within the framework of strengthening bilateral relations and cooperation in the technology and information technology sector. He  explained that the Indian side is concerned with equipping the center with all necessary tools, sending Indian IT experts to reside in Syria for a year as trainers and sending a number of Syrian trainees to India.

Hifzur Rahman talked about India's humanitarian initiative which was recently implemented commemorating the 150th  Birthday of  Mahatma Ghandi that included the fitment of prostheses for more than 500 victims of war in Syria, indicating that 493 prostheses had been fitted to date.

Republic Day honors the date on which the Constitution of India came into effect on 26 January 1950 after India's independence in 1947.

Hamda Mustafa