Syrian army recaptures more towns, villages in Idleb countryside amid terrorist groups' collapse

IDLEB, (ST)- The Syrian Arab army has reestablished control over the villages and towns of Karsian, Ma’ar Shamarin, Abu Jreif and Takana in the southeastern countryside of Idleb after eliminating the last terrorist hotbeds there.

The army carried out precise operations accompanied by artillery and missile shelling on the axis of Abu Jreif and Takana villages and Karsian and Ma’ar Shamarin towns in the vicinity of Ma’arat al-Numan area to the south of Idleb, where terrorists of Jabhat al-Nusra and its allied terror groups have intensive presence, according to SANA reporter.

 The reporter added that military operation ended up with the army recapturing those villages and towns amid the collapse of the terrorists after many of them were killed and injured and many others fled towards Ma’arat al-Numan.

Yesterday, the army units liberated the villages and towns of al-Samaka, al-Tih and Deir Sharqi  in Idleb southeastern countryside from terrorism after absorbing a violent terrorist attack by al-Nusra terrorists on army positions on Thursday.

Hamda Mustafa