Rejection of Occupation authorities’ project of wind turbines in the Occupied Syrian Golan

Quneitra, (ST) – People in the occupied Syrian Arab Golan organized a protest rejecting the project of wind turbines that the Israeli occupation authorities intend to implement on the citizens’ properties throughاconfiscating their lands by force.

The protest was held at the square of MajdalShams town in rejection of the Israeli plans, reiterating their adherence to their lands and defending it.


The protesters emphasized that the project of wind turbines is only one in a series of Zionist practices and procedures against the occupied Golan, aiming at stealing and plundering the properties of the Syrian citizens and goods of the Golan, stressing the continuation of the work to abort this project.


The Israeli occupation authorities plan to implement a new settlement project of wind turbines through building 46 of them on about six thousand dunumms of agricultural lands owned by people of the Syrian Golan in Majdal Shams, Buqatha, EinQunya and Mas’ada villages.

Raghda Sawas