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Turkish regime adopts new measures to force its mercenaries in Syria to join fighting in Libya

HASAKA, (ST)_The Turkish regime put pressures on its terrorist mercenaries in the northern countryside of Hasaka and Raqqa provinces in Syria to force them to go to fight in Libya.

According to local sources, the Turkish occupation forces have stopped the salaries of their mercenaries, who do not want to join the ongoing fighting in Libya, and resorted to forced recruitment of displaced people being held in the prisons established by the Turkish regime and its terrorist groups in Syria.

Around 17 Turkish regime's mercenaries, who went to join the fight in Libya, have abandoned their weapons and have run away towards Italy after they arrived in Libya. And some of them have gone to Algeria.

So far, the number of mercenaries who arrived in Libya reached up to 2400, according to Damascus-based al-Watan newspaper.

Two day ago, it was reported that the Turkish occupation forces transported 1500 families of terrorist mercenaries to live in the houses of citizens in the neighborhoods of Kharabat and al-Hawarna in Ras al-Ayn in the northern countryside of Hasaka.  

Basma Qaddour