Syria continues doing its duty in fighting terrorism and protecting citizens from terrorist groups' atrocities: Foreign Ministry

 DAMASCUS, (ST)- Syria will continue doing its constitutional and legal duty in fighting terrorism and protecting the Syrian citizens from the atrocities of the terrorist groups pursuant to the principles of international law and the Security Council resolutions on combating terrorism like any other UN member country that adheres to its independence and sovereignty.

In two letters to the UN Chief and president of the Security Council, the Syrian Foreign Ministry said that every time the Syrian Arab army achieves progress in the fight against terrorism in different parts of the country, the countries supporting terrorism launch disinformation campaigns to deviate the attention of the world public opinion away from the Syrians' suffering because of terrorism, occupation and aggression.

The ministry pointed out that these countries have never been keen on protecting the lives of civilians, rather, they have been keen on protecting their investment in terrorism to implement their schemes.

The letters explained that the terrorist groups have used civilians as human shields, turned hospitals and schools into military centers and targeted residential areas with rockets and mortars, causing the martyrdom of dozens of civilians, most of them are women and children.

Pushed by its keenness on protecting the lives of innocent civilians in terrorist-held areas in Idleb and the countryside of Aleppo, the Syrian government has taken several procedures to deliver humanitarian aid to those civilians and guarantee their safe departure through humanitarian corridors, the letters said.

The government of the Syrian Arab Republic reiterates that the army's military operations targeting the terrorist groups come in retaliation to the repeated rocket and mortar attacks launched by these groups against innocent people in residential areas, the letters concluded.