Dr. Shaaban: President Putin's visit to Damascus, meeting with President Al-Assad is very important

DAMASCUS, (ST)- Presidential Political and Media Adviser Bouthaina Shaaban described President Vladimir Putin's visit to Damascus and his  meeting with his friend, President Bashar Al-Assad, as very important as it expresses the two leaders' satisfaction over what has been achieved in the fight against terrorism in Syria.

" We remember that two years ago no one could walk in the streets in which the two presidents walked safely today to see the signs of peaceful life after all the patience and suffering experienced in combating terrorism in Syria," Shaaban said in an interview with RT Arabic on Tuesday.

"Also the two Presidents' visit to the great Ummayyad Mosque and the Mariamite Cathedral of Damascus and President Putin presenting an icon of the Virgin Mary to the cathedral indicates the two leaders respect to coexistence among peoples of the region and faith in one God," she added, pointing out that the visit affirmed that Syria is the cradle of the three heavenly religions and highlighted importance of the Russian and Syrian cultural heritage.

 Commenting on President Putin remarks in which he stressed that lot of progress had been made toward restoring Syria’s sovereignty and territorial integrity, Shaaban said that the remarks represent the fruit of the Russian-Syrian-Iranian alliance in fighting terrorism in the Syrian and Iraqi territories, affirming that the US terrorist act of assassinating Gen. Qassem Solaimani and Abu al-Mahdi al-Muhandis and their companions, who fought terrorism, shows who is actually fighting and defeating terrorism and who is encouraging and cooperating with terrorism in this region.   

Shaaban went on to say that President of the Turkish regime Recep Tayyip Erdogan is a major protector of terrorists in Syria.

"From the very beginning of the war on Syria, Erdogan has played a deceptive role, and he undoubtedly forms a basic element of protection for terrorists in Syria," Shaaban said.

"All Erdogan's statements during the war period are unreliable. He even didn't implement any of the Astana agreements that were reached."

 The Presidential adviser affirmed that all the Russian statements show that the Russian leadership and army are determined to cooperate with the Syrian Arab army to liberate Idleb from terrorism.

 There is no doubt that presidents Al-Assad and Putin are in agreement about the need to liberate the entire Syrian territory from terrorism with all its forms, Shaaban pointed out.

Dr. Shaaban clarified that several meetings were held between Syrian and Turkish security experts but there were no results, because of the lack of serious intention by the Turkish side to solve complicated issues.

On creating suitable environment to solve the crisis in Syria, Shaaban said that from the very beginning, the government of the Syrian Arab Republic have been trying to find a political solution and a way out of this crisis because the Syrian people is the party that is paying the price, but the problem lies in the parties which linked their decision to Syria's enemies and to supporters of terrorism."

"The constitutional committee on Syria is still at the beginning of its work, we are determined to do our best to reach the hoped-for goal and restore normal life, peace and security to the Syrian people," she added.

Hamda Mustafa