President Putin arrives in Damascus and meets President Assad at the Headquarters of the Russian armed forces command Center in Damascus

On January 7, Russian President Vladimir Putin arrived in Damascus and met President Bashar Al-Assad at the headquarters of the Russian armed forces command Center in Damascus.

Presidents Assad and Putin were then briefed about the  military situation by the commander of Russian forces operating in Syria.

President Putin congratulated the Russian forces operating in Syria on the occasion of Christmas.

On his part, President Al-Assad also congratulated the Russian officers and soldiers on the occasion of Christmas, expressing the Syrian people’s appreciation over the sacrifices of the Russian forces that  fought alongside the heroes of the Syrian Arab Army against terrorism.

During their meeting, Presidents Assad and Putin discussed the latest developments in the region, plans to eliminate terrorism that threatens the security and safety of Syrian citizens in Idlib, developments in the Syrian north and the measures that Turkey is undertaking there .They also discussed supporting the political track and creating appropriate conditions for it.

Accompanied by President Al-Assad .. President Putin toured the city of Damascus, where he visited the Great Umayyad Mosque. He also visited the shrine of the Prophet Yahya(St. John the Baptist), and signed the guestbook.

During his tour in Damascus, accompanied by President Al-Assad ... President Putin visited the Marian Cathedral on the occasion of Christmas, and gave those responsible for it an icon of the Virgin Mary, peace be upon her.

The Marian Cathedral is the oldest and most historical church in Damascus and dates back to the first beginning of the spread of Christianity in the region. The Marian Cathedral is the seat of the Patriarchate of Antioch and the entire East of the Greek Orthodox.


 O. al-Mohammad