Part of what US occupation forces and illegal foreign organizations did in the northeast of Syria in 2019

(10-10-2019):  US pulled out 100 troops plus dozens of vehicles from Syrian territories towards Iraq.

(11-10-2019): US occupation forces transported 50 foreign ISIS prisoners from Shdadi jail in Hasaka to Iraq.

(11-10-2019): 50 US troops left Rhebeh airbase in Hasaka towards Iraq.

(11-10-2019): 4 organizations, which were illegally working in Syria, evacuated 20 workers of French and British nationality from Syria to Iraq.

(15-10-2019): US occupation forces transported 1512 wives of foreign ISIS terrorists by a military plane from Shdadi base to the north of Iraq.

(16-10-2019): Doctors without Borders announced the evacuation of all its workers from the northeast of Syria.

(24-10-2019): 40 US, French and British occupation soldiers withdrew from Rhebeh airbase by military cargo plane towards Iraq.

(26-10-2019): A convoy of US occupation forces returned to Hasaka coming from Iraq.

(13-11-2019): A convoy for US occupation forces entered Hasaka and positioned itself at oilfields in the western countryside of Qameshli city.

(19-11-2019): US occupation forces  carried out an airdrop at a house in Hasaka and kidnapped 2 brothers.

(In November): US sent several convoys to Syria.

(In November): US occupation forces transported over 1800 Foreign ISIS women and Children from al-Hol camp in Hasaka towards Iraq.

(27-11-2019): A convoy affiliated to the US occupation forces crashed into a minibus transporting civilians in Hasaka, wounding several civilians.

(5-12-2019): US occupation forces conducted an airdrop on a town in Hasaka province to transport one of their ISIS agents to Shdadi base in the same province.

Prepared by : Basma Qaddour