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Quneitra people: The liberation of the occupied Syrian Golan is inevitable

QUNEITRA, (ST)_Quneitra people have reiterated their determination to continue struggle and resistance till the liberation of the occupied Syrian Golan from the Zionist occupation.

They also have asserted their rejection of all decisions issued by the occupation authority, indicating that the decision adopted by the occupation authorities - on December 14, 1981- to annex the Golan to the Zionist entity is null and void and without international legal effect.

The people of Quneitra gathered today outside the headquarters of Quneitra Governorate in al-Baath city to express their solidarity with Syrian people in the occupied Golan and to confirm their trust in the Syrian army and the inevitable triumph over the occupation no matter how long it takes.

Quneitra Governor Homam Debyat said that Golan is part and parcel of the Syrian national sovereignty and all Zionist procedures are null and void and contradict the international law.

The liberated prisoner Ali al-Younes, who chairs the Committee of Supporting the Liberated Syrian prisoners and the Prisoners in the Occupation jails , saluted the steadfast people in the occupied Golan and the prisoner Sedqi al-Maqt , who has spent 33 years in Israeli jails.

The father of Sedqi al-Maqt, Sheikh Suleiman al-Maqt, a liberated prisoner who had spent years in Israeli jails, affirmed in a telephone conversation the Golan people’s adherence t their Syrian identity despite all suppressive acts being practiced by the occupation authorities against the Golan people.

Basma Qaddour