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The People's Assembly: Our people's resolution in the occupied Syrian Golan will not wane

Damascus, (ST) - The People's Assembly affirmed that the resolve of our people in the occupied Syrian Arab Golan will not wane in resisting the occupation and its barbarity despite the systematic repression and arbitrary measures by the Israeli occupation entity.

In a statement marking the 38th anniversary of the null and void Israeli decision to annex the Syrian Golan, the Assembly referred to the unified national position taken by the occupied Golan people from the first moment in confronting the usurping occupation entity and refusing to submit to its racist measures, as they scarifiedmartyrs and hundreds of them were captured.


The Assembly clarified in its statement that “our people in the Golan are adhering to their Syrian Arab national identity and their desire for liberation and return to the embrace of the motherland of Syria.” Emphasizing that the decision issued by the occupation authorities on 14-12-1981 and all other decisions of the occupied Zionist entity are null and not more than ink on paper.

The Council concluded its statement by saying thatwe pledge to continue the struggle and fight the occupation until the return of every grain of soil from the land of our dear and pure homeland, with the steadfastness of our proud people and the heroism of our brave Syrian Arab Army.

Raghda Sawas