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Eid al-Darwish: SDF is an American tool in northeast Syria

Eid al-Darwish, Secretary of the Syrian National Progressive Front, a coalition of ten Syrian parties led by the Ba’ath Arab Socialist Party, and Member of the Arab Writers Union speaks to Syria Times on the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) militia crimes and crackdown in northeast of Syria in general and Raqqa Governorate in particular in addition to the latest development in north east Syria.

As a political figure from the Governorate of Raqqa, how do you evaluate the position of Raqqa’s people from the Syrian government?

Since the 1970’s, the Governorate of Raqqa has witnessed educational, economic, real estate and agricultural developments. The building of the Euphrates Dam enhanced the development of agriculture and irrigation sector which improved the farmers life and income. The Governorate of Raqqa became the food basket of Syria.

The war on Syria aimed to separate the northeast of Syria (governorates of Raqqa, Deir Ezzour and Hassaka) from Syria because these three governorates have Syria’s oil, gas, water resources, dams, fertile lands, and other natural resources.

From 2011 till March 2013, the governorate of Raqqa was the safe secure shelter for Syrians who had been displaced from their hometowns which witnessed problems and unrest. The terrorist groups seized the city of Raqqa in March 2013, but the people of Raqqa are eagerly waiting the arrival of the Syrian Arab Army to liberate them and return the governorate to the Syrian government authority.

What do you call on the people of Raqqa to do?

The women, children, men and old people of Raqqa are welcoming the Syrian Arab Army with ululations and pro-government mottos and slogans. These are very important signs which prove that the social fabrics of Raqqa reject the SDF separate militias.

I am calling on the people of Raqqa to wage ‘popular resistance’ against the Turkish and American occupation forces. The people of Raqqa should take measures and actions to resist the Turkish and American occupation forces which are looting the Syrian resources and wealth.

What is the danger of the Turkish occupation of the Syrian territories?

The Turkish Regime Head Erdogan wants to repeat the same scenario of Iskenderun (historically known as Alexandretta and Scanderoon) in 1939. Israel and the United States support Turkey in occupying parts of the Syrian territories by using ‘safe zone’ and other pretexts to shelter those terrorist Muslim Brotherhood gangs in Idlib and other areas in north Syria with different names of Olive Branch, Euphrates Shield and Peace Spring. These gangs are similar to the Israeli Haganah gangs, which were established in 1920 to attack the Arabs in Palestine. Syria with the great support of its allies Russia, China, Iran and the national Lebanese resistance will foil and resist these plots and scenarios which aim to separate parts of the Syrian lands. The ongoing war against Syria shows the Muslim Brotherhood and SDF plots.

Commenting on the SDF crimes and deeds against the people of Raqqa, al-Darwish said:

“SDF militias are hampering the deployment of the Syrian Arab Army’s units in north and northeast Syria. The SDF militias should know that the Syrian government is the only authority which runs each inch of Syria and the Syrian Arab Army will regain each inch of Syrian soil.

The Syrian Kurd citizens have equal rights as other Syrians according to the Syrian Constitution. The SDF’s Kurdish leaders cannot put any condition on the Syrian government which refuses strongly to give ‘quotas’ to Kurds because this violates the Syrian Constitution. The Syrian government will not repeat the mistakes of Iraq and Lebanon by giving quotas according to sect and ethnic considerations. Syria presented hundreds of thousands of martyrs to keep Syria’s unity and will not accept any measure to divide the country with ethnic or religious demand.”

Commenting on the American looting of Syrian oil and wealth, al-Darwish said:

“The Americans don’t need the Syrian oil and gas resources but they want to deprive the Syrian people and government of these resources and wealth. The Americans failed in their military war against Syria, so they started the economic war and sanctions. The inflation of commodities and goods prices and devaluation of Syrian pound aimed to widen the gap between the Syrian government and people, but the Syrian people have stood with their government for nine years. In spite of the difficulties facing the Syrian people, they will preserve their national positions and resist the economic war on their country and government.”


Interviewed by Obaida Hamad / InasAbudlkareem

Photos by Obaida Hamad