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We can ... an event for children with disabilities in Al-Draikish city

On the occasion of the International Day of people with Disabilities, the Syrian Trust for Development (Manarat Al-Draikish)has established, in cooperation with a number of participating parties (Me and My Child Center in Al-Draikish) and a number of kindergartens and schools contributing to the process of rehabilitating and integrating people with disabilities a  variety of activities under the name (We Can) including poetry, theater, dance and ballet, in which children with disabilities participated alongside other children.

In a conversation with one of the participants in the event, Mrs. Lubana Abdul Rahman, told us about the importance of the role of the local community in the integration process for people with special needs. " We started the process of integration in some schools and kindergartens in cooperation with the Syrian Trust for Development, and this event was an opportunity these students to appear on stage and express themselves in front of the audience with the help of their friends and it is an important step forward in the ongoing integration process", she said.

For his part, Samer Al-Khatib, Director of the Syrian Trust for Development in Al-Draikish, said that they support people with disabilities through Amal Organization for the Disabled, in addition to training and qualifying cadres and masters programs.