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Weapons, mines, car bomb, explosive materials, left by terrorists, found in Daraa countryside

DARAA, (ST)- Concerned authorities in Daraa found on Wednesday a car bomb as well as some weapons, mines and explosive materials left by terrorists in Daraa eastern countryside.  

SANA reporter in Daraa said that in order to protect the life of citizens and ensure a safe return for the displaced families, concerned authorities continued their combing operations in some areas liberated from terrorism in Daraa countryside. The operations resulted in the discovery of weapons, mines, a car bomb, explosive materials and motorcycles tanks filled with explosives. All were left by terrorists who were controlling Daraa eastern countryside before they were driven out by the Syrian army.

 Authorities in cooperation with the army units are keen on securing the liberated areas through combing operations. They have found huge quantity of weapons and ammunitions, some of which are Israeli and American-made, in addition to medicines, trucks and ambulances which reflect the huge logistic support being provided to the terrorist organizations by the countries which sponsor terrorism.   

Hamda Mustafa