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Guarantor states of Astana Process reaffirm strong commitment to Syria’s sovereignty, territorial integrity, reject illegal seizure, transfer of Syrian oil

NUR-SULTAN, (ST)- The final statement of the 14th round of Astana talks, concluded on Wednesday in the Kazakh capital city of Nur-Sultan, has reaffirmed the guarantor states’ strong commitment to the sovereignty, independence, unity and territorial integrity of the Syrian Arab Republic as well as to the purposes and principles of the UN Charter.

The guarantor states (Russia, Iran and Turkey) affirmed the need to continue cooperation to eliminate terrorist organizations in Syria and confront any separatist agendas, the statement said.

It added that the guarantor states voiced their rejection to all attempts to create new realities on the ground, including illegitimate self-rule initiatives under the pretext of combating terrorism and expressed their determination to stand against separatist agendas which aim at undermining the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Syria and which threaten the national security of neighboring countries.

 They also stressed that they are against the illegal seizure and transfer of Syrian oil that should belong to the Syrian Arab Republic, the statement went on to say.

It condemned Israel’s incessant attacks on Syria, noting that these attacks violate the international laws and undermine the sovereignty of Syria and the neighboring countries and endanger the stability and security of the region.

The statement said that the guarantor states emphasized that a long-term security and stability in Syria’s al-Jazira region can only be achieved on the basis of preserving the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the country, referring in this regard to the importance of abiding by the Adana agreement of 1998.

The statement affirmed the necessity of fully implementing all agreements on Idleb, foremost of which is the Memo signed in Sochi on the 17th of September 2018 on de-escalation.

The statement renewed the guarantor state’s commitment to a Syrian-owned and led political process facilitated by UN to find a political solution to the crisis in Syria pursuant to the Security Council Resolution No. 2254.

The statement also emphasized the guarantor states support for the work of the constitutional Committee.

Hamda Mustafa