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Restoring Al-Aziziyah Water Plant to service after its maintenance and repair

The Water Establishment in Al-Hasaka Governorate has returned al- Aziziyah water plant to service after its maintenance and repair of technical malfunctions it suffered from.

The Director of the Water Establishment, Eng. Mahmoud Al-Ikleh, told SANA reporter that the maintenance of the pumping water plant included electrical installations of lines and transformers that were subject to technical malfunctions which resulted in the plant being out of service for a day. Then, the technical workshops were able to fully complete maintenance and to restore the water plant to service again on Saturday night.

On the other hand, Eng. Al-Ikula indicated that the International Committee of the Red Cross has provided the Establishment with a 1000 KW electric generator, which will be placed in investment in the pumping water plant in the eastern dam to operate it in case of the electricity blackout.

Last month, the Establishment completed the maintenance of the Aluk water plant, which was out of service as a result of its exposure to the Turkish aggression, worked the water plant  again and re-pumped water to the city of Hasaka and the western countryside.


 Inas Abdulkareem