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"We Love You Syria" marathon held with the participation of 3000 contestants

Under the motto of " We Love You Syria" a marathon was held today with the participation of more than 3000 contestants  to deliver a message of love and peace from Syria to the whole world.

Organized by Damascus Governorate in cooperation with the General Federation of Sports, the marathon started at Umayyad Square and reached al-Jala'a Sports city where the participants gathered and threw colored objects in expression of their love to their homeland.

Mohammad Haffar, one of the organizers of the marathon, said that the event aimed at disseminating love and happiness among the Syrians, pointing out the revenue of the marathon will go to Roots Society which provides medicare for people with special needs. 

The participants affirmed that they were going to disseminate love and happiness allover Syrian territories following their liberation from terrorism, noting that they will support the Syrian Arab army through working to reconstruct Syria.