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Real estate development areas in Aleppo ... A pioneering experience in securing suitable housing for slum residents

The real estate development areas are among the pioneering projects through which  City Council of Aleppo seeks to find a solution for the slum areas spread on the outskirts of the city and insure suitable housing for the residents in it.

Head of City Council of Aleppo (Municipality), Dr. Ma'ad Al-Medelji said that the Council is working to implement two real estate development areas in al-Haidariya, northeast of Aleppo and Tal al-Zarazir, southwest of the city, which are owned by Aleppo City Council.

He added that the work is done and the blueprint is ready to carry out the infrastructure of these two areas through the rebuilding of roads, sewerage, water, electricity and telephone.

He said that the area of Haidariya 78 hectares which will divided into three equal areas so that each area is ready to overlap and isolated from the other area.

He said that the Council is working on the implementation of ten housing blocks in Hanano suburb.

Engineer Ayman Haj Hamidi, Executive Coordinator of Projects in Aleppo City Council, said that four axes are being opened in Al-Haidariya area and the implementation of eight projects with a contract value of two billion and one hundred million SP including 600 million SP 500 million for electrical works, telecommunications, and one billion pounds for the work of infrastructure and road networks.


O. al-Mohammad