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Russia: Illegitimate foreign military presence on Syrian territories threatens to invigorate ISIS terrorists

The Russian Foreign Ministry has warned that the Turkish aggression and the illegitimate foreign military presence on the Syrian territories threaten to invigorate ISIS terrorists and helps in strengthening the combatant capabilities of the terrorist organization.

Russia Today quoted Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Oleg Syromolotov as saying that the escape of thousands of ISIS terrorists from prisons as a result of the Turkish operation north east of Syria caused Russia's deep concern as they can help in restoring the combatant capabilities of ISIS terrorist organization, noting that this became possible because of escalating tension and the illegitimate foreign presence in Syria.

Syromolotov stressed that facing terrorist threats are carried out through making the Syrian state control all its territories and through respecting Syria's unity and territorial integrity by all parties.

The Russian official added that the US illegitimate presence on the Syrian territories and its attempt to control oil fields hinder the efforts of combatting terrorism and reaching a political settlement for the crisis in Syria.

Washington has been trying to complete its colonialist role in Syria and the region at the political and military levels through its forces which are plundering Syrian oil, and this was confirmed by the Russian defence ministry which screened videos showing convoys of tanks transporting Syrian oil under US military protection.