Syria inaugurates its first anticancer drugs factory

DAMASCUS- The first anticancer drugs factory in Syria was inaugurated on Thursday at Adra Industrial Zone in Damascus Countryside with a production capacity of 6.000  vial and ampoules and 12.000 capsules per hour.

 The factory, which is the first of its kind in Syria and the Arab region in terms of developed production lines and modern technology, is affiliated to the Central Pharmaceutical Industries Company (MainhParma).  It was established by national expertise only and will use up-to-date medical production and analysis technology.

The factory aims at ensuring the anticancer drugs in the markets in acceptable prices.

 "That factory constitutes a turning point in Syria's pharmaceutical industry," said Health Minister Nizar Yazigi, pointing out that the number of the licensed pharmaceutical manufacturers reached 96 that work to meet 90% of the need of the local market.

According to Yazigi, the ministry plans to manufacture qualitative drugs to treat cancer and vaccines necessary to meet the market's need.

He said that last year, the ministry earmarked 117 billion Syrian pounds to import medications for chronic diseases and tumors as well as for vaccines from Syria's friendly countries, particularly after representatives of several foreign pharmaceutical companies had left Syria because of the terrorist war and the unilateral coercive measures imposed on the country. 

Yazigi stressed that the ministry provides free medical treatment to chronic diseases through 1864 health centers and 150 hospitals in different Syrian provinces.

On his part, the executive director of MainPhrma Adnan Jaafu said that the factory will cover 70% of medications relating to chemical therapy and its production will be enough to meet the need of the local market and sufficient for exportation.

Hamda Mustafa