MP, Lawyer Abdulbassit al-A’lawi: SDF committed crimes against people of northeast Syria

Member of the People’s Assembly (Parliament) and the Rapporteur of the Committee of Education, Higher Education and Scientific Research at the People’s Assembly , Lawyer Abdulbassit al-A’loui  speaks to Syria Times on the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) militias crimes and crackdown in northeast of Syria in general and Raqqa Governorate in particular in addition to the Turkish aggressive attacks and latest development in north east Syria.

As a Member of the People’s Assembly (Parliament) from the Governorate of Raqqa, how do you communicate with the Syrian government to carry out projects and services in the liberated areas of Raqqa Governorate?

“As Members of the People’s Assembly (Parliament), we have two mandates, issuing new laws and legislatives and monitoring the Cabinet and governmental action. I’ve visited the liberated areas of Raqqa governorate many times to monitor the governmental services of drinking water, irrigation systems and pumps, electricity supplies, health services centers, school and education, and public services and works in Sabkha and Ma’adan towns, 50km east of Raqqa and Dibsi Farag town, 60km west of Raqqa. I also went with the governmental ministerial delegations to these towns. I wrote official reports and submitted them to the Speaker of the People’s Assembly (Parliament) and governmental general directors to review the ongoing projects in these towns. The Raqqa Governorate’s MPs held three meetings with the Prime Minister Engineer Imad Khamis. The government supplied the towns of Sabkhah, Ma’adan and Shinan with electricity from Deir Ezzour. Dibsi Farag town will get electricity from Aleppo.”

As a citizen from Raqqa Governorate, how do you welcome the Syrian Arab Army returning to it?

“The Syrian President Bashar al-Assad visited the city of Raqqa in 2011 and he was warmly welcomed by its people. Many people support the Syrian government and army return to the SDF-occupied parts of Raqqa. There are some people who sold their soul and principles to the enemy but the vast majority of people support the Syrian state. Raqqa’s people suffered from different occupiers like  Alnusra, Daesh and SDF, so they were afraid to express publicly their support for the Syrian government.”

On the SDF’s conscription, arresting campaign and crackdown in Raqqa Governorate, Abdulbassit said:

“The SDF militias are committing big crimes and crackingdown on the people of Raqqa. The SDF militias carry out daily conscription campaigns and arrest dozens of youngsters for illegal military service in the American -backed SDF militias. The SDF militias arrested many of people on ‘the pretext of supporting the Syrian government’. SDF considers everyone who supports and stands with this legitimate Syrian government as ‘a charge’. The Raqqa’s Arab tribal chiefs and tribesmen are upset at the SDF’s crackdown and conscription and they are coordinating with the special authorities to ease the return of the Syrian Army to their hometowns in order to kick out the SDF militiamen. Till today, the SDF militias have prevented the Syrian Arab Army’s units to deploy in the cities of Raqqa and Tabqa and other towns and villages. SDF wants the Syrian Army to fight the Turkish attackers but not deploy in these towns and cities.”

On the US’s looting of Syria’s oil and wealth, Abdulbassit said:

“The American occupation forces and their agents of SDF militias are looting the Syrian oil and wealth to sponsor the SDF gunmen. America wants to keep the SDF militias in northeast of Syria and sponsor them from the Syrian oil and wealth. This is looting and illegal action.”



Interviewed by Obaida Hamad- Inas Abdulkareem

Photos: Obaida Hamad