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Pasemann: German AFD Party has clear vision for cooperation with Syria

DAMASCUS, (ST)-Frank Pasemann, Head of the German parliamentary delegation, visiting Syria, has stressed that his party, the Alternative for Germany (AFD), has a clear vision for cooperation with Syria, noting that members of this party are interested in the return of security and stability to Syria.

In a statement to SANA during the delegation's visit to Damascus National Museum, Pasemann said that the AFD has proposed several initiatives on Syria at the German Parliament, including restoring diplomatic ties with Syria and lifting the coercive economic measures imposed on the Syrians.

 The German MP said that during the delegation's visit to Syria, he noticed that the security situation has improved and normal life has returned to Damascus streets where warehouses and markets resumed their activities as before.

Other members of the guest parliamentary delegation pointed out that what they saw on the ground in Syria contradicts the image promoted by the international media outlets in their country about Syria, stressing that Syria is full of life again.

They expressed hope that security will return to all parts of Syria so that the process of reconstruction starts actively and the country's economy improves.

Hamda Mustafa