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Turkish occupation forces kill 5 civilians including children in Syria’s Raqqa

RAQQA,(ST)_The Turkish occupation forces and their mercenaries have renewed their attacks on residential areas in several towns in Raqqa countryside, killing several civilians including children and causing damages to their houses and properties.  

According to local sources, the Turkish occupation forces struck houses and civilian cars in Qoronfol town in the northern countryside of Raqqa using reconnaissance planes.

“The Turkish strikes caused the martyrdom of 5 civilians including children,” the sources said , asserting that it was difficult to head towards the town to save the wounded people and to take the bodies of martyrs because the Turkish reconnaissance planes were flying over the town and targeting each moving object.

The town’s residents fear that the Turkish regime forces will perpetrate a massacre against them.

On October 9, the Turkish regime forces started an attack on the north of Syria with the involvement of thousands of terrorist groups that implement the orders of the Turkish regime, and they committed tens of crimes and looting acts in Hasaka and Raqqqa provinces.

Basma Qaddour