Al-Hilal discusses in Beijing means to develop relations with the Communist Party of China

Beijing , ST- Assistant Secretary-General of al- Baath Arab Socialist Party Hilal Al-Hilal and his accompanying delegation discussed in Beijing with Minister of Foreign Relations of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China Song Tao ways to strengthen the relations between the two parties.

During the meeting, Eng. Al-Hilal stressed the depth of relations between peoples of the two countries, which are deeply rooted in historical relations.

Al-Hilal gave an explanation of the organizational reality of the party, and the meetings of the Central Committee and the important points set by the party's Secretary General, President Bashar al-Assad, during which he focused on the intellectual, social and organizational side.

For his part, Song Tao pointed that the Communist Party of China seeks to develop bilateral relations between the two parties, especially with the long-term strategic outlook for relations with the Arab Baath Socialist Party in light of the important role played by the Baathists in protecting Syria from terrorism and terrorists coming from all over the world to spread takfiri thoughts.

Song stressed his country's clear stance since the beginning of the war on Syria, pointing to his country's desire to participate in the reconstruction process in Syria.

On the other hand, Al-Hilal and the accompanying delegation discussed with the administrative staff of the Party Preparation School in Beijing that affiliated to the Communist Party of China, ways of enhancing cooperation in the intellectual and cultural field between the two parties.

The session was attended by Yasser al-Shoufi and Ammar al-Sibai, members of the party's central leadership.

The two parties also signed a memorandum of cooperation in which they affirmed that cooperation between the two sides plays a vital role in enhancing joint relations and contributes the mutual benefits of both sides, and exchanging cultural and media experiences and developing their researchs and studies centers.