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Syrian air defenses repel Israeli aggression, shot down most of the enemy missiles

DAMASCUS, (ST)- The Syrian air defenses have repelled an Israeli attack that targeted Damascus vicinity, intercepting the enemy missiles and shooting down most of them before they reach their targets.

Two civilians were martyred and a number of other civilians were wounded in the attack, according to SANA News Agency.

Military source told SANA that "at 1: 20 am on Wednesday, the Israeli warplanes targeted the vicinity of Damascus from the occupied Golan and the Lebanese airspace (over the town of Marjayoun) with a number of missiles. The Syrian air defenses immediately intercepted the missiles and destroyed most of them before they reach their targets."

According to SANA reporter, fragments of one of the attacking Israeli missiles hit a house in Sasa area in Damascus countryside, destroying the house and wounding members of the family that were inside the house, including the father, the mother and their two children. The wounded persons were taken to hospitals in Quneitra and Damascus to receive necessary treatment. The attack also caused the martyrdom of two civilians.

A medical source at Qatana National Hospital told SANA that a man and a woman were martyred while several other civilians were wounded because of the Israeli airstrikes on Beit Saber town in Sasa area in the southwest of Damascus.

SANA also said that the fragments of another Israeli rocket hit a house in Qudsayya suburb, wounded a girl child and causing a huge damage to the house.

Governor of Damascus Countryside vowed to adopt necessary procedures to provide all assistance necessary to fix the damage caused to the houses that were affected by the Israeli aggression.

Earlier, SANA reported that several powerful explosions were heard in Damascus as the Syrian air defenses intercepted a number of hostile targets in the southern part of Damascus.

Hamda Mustafa