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Soussan: EU has lost credibility because of its blind subordination to US policies

DAMASCUS, (ST)- Assistant Minister of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates Ayman Soussan on Tuesday received  a German parliamentary delegation led by MP Frank Bazimann, Chairman of the Contact Group on Syria at the German Parliament.

Talks dealt with developments in Syria and the region.

Soussan reaffirmed that Syria will continue the fight until terrorism is completely eliminated and the illegal presence of foreign troops in the country is ended. He reiterated that Syria’s national unity and territorial integrity is a sacred issue and a red line.

The assistant minister renewed Syria’s constructive cooperation with all sincere efforts to help Syria get out of the current crisis, stressing that the Syrian constitution is a purely Syrian affair in which no one other than the Syrian people has the right to interfere.

 He pointed out that because of its blind subordination to the US policies the European Union has lost identity as well as credibility even before the European public opinion.

On their part, members of the delegation expressed pleasure over the return of stability to many Syrian areas, noting their complete understanding of the reality of event in the country.

The German MPs voiced their rejection of the EU policy towards Syria, calling for lifting the illegal unilateral coercive measures imposed on the Syrian people. They also called for supporting the Syrian government’s efforts to reconstruct the country and for facilitating the return of the displaced Syrians, who were forced because of the current circumstances to leave their homeland.

Hamda Mustafa