US occupation forces enter a convoy of trucks loaded with logistical materials to Qamishli

November 16 and the United States continues in violating the international laws, with a new convoy of dozens of vehicles and logistical trucks  used for military engineering fortifications to Qamishli from northern Iraq.

Media and civil sources confirmed the city of Qamishli witnessed the entry of a convoy of trucks belonging to the American occupation forces to Qamishli from the Kurdistan region of northern Iraq carrying cement blocks which are to be used in military bases.

 The US occupation forces are working rapidly to equip two military bases, the first base (HEMO) west of Qamishli and the second base in the Odah Oil Field in the town of Qahtaniyah east of Qamishli.

In the past few months, the American occupation forces have entered thousands of trucks loaded with weapons and military and logistical equipment into Al-Hasakah through illegal crossings to reinforce their presence in northeast of Syria to loot Syrian oil and wealth.


O. al-Mohammad