The UNGA renews vote on Syrian sovereignty over occupied Golan, demands occupation authorities to halt using its resources

The UN General Assembly renewed its vote with an absolute majority on Syria's sovereignty over the occupied  Syrian Golan, calling on the Israeli occupation authorities to halt exploiting its mineral resources, endangering them or spoiling them. The Resolution was adopted by the economic and financial committee of the UN General Assembly as 156 states voted for, six states voted against and 14 states abstained.

The Resolution demands that the UN Secretary General present a report to the 76th session of the UN General Assembly regarding the accumulative effect of the Israeli occupation authorities' exploiting of the occupied Syrian Golan resources and spoiling them.

The resolution also stressed the Palestinian sovereignty over the occupied Palestinian territories.


The permanent Syrian delegation to the UN stressed that the Syrian people's resistance to occupation and their adherence to their motherland require from the UN to reject any unilateral measures taken by the Israeli forces of occupation, support the Syrian people's right to end the occupation and put an end to Israel's illegal practices according to pertaining UN resolutions, especially UNSC resolution No.497 of 1981 which considers the Israeli laws and jurisdiction over occupied Golan as null and void and of no legal effect.