Dr. al-Jaafari: Terrorist organizations continue to take civilians as human shields in Idleb

Syria's permanent representative to the UN Dr. Bashar al-Jaafari affirmed that the terrorist organizations continue to control Idleb governorate and take civilians as human shields.

In a speech he made during the UN Security Council meeting on the situation in the Middle East, Dr. al-Jaafari said that it is the duty of the Syrian state to eliminate these terrorist organizations, stressing the necessity of supporting Syria's efforts for combatting terrorism in implementation of the relevant UN Security Council Resolutions.

Dr. al-Jaafari added that as some UNSC member states have been working to hinder the efforts exerted by Syria and its allies to combat ISIS and al-Nosra terrorist organizations in Idleb city and its countryside, some of these states are taking pride in an alleged operation in Idleb leading to the liquidation of ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi and some of his aides. Such allegation, Dr. al-Jaafari pointed out, affirmed what has been said by Syria that terrorist organizations control Idleb and take its people as human shields.

The Syrian diplomat clarified that the hypocrisy of some UNSC members pushed them to present themselves as heroes for killing al-Baghdadi, but they ignored the fact that they themselves egged the UN  against Syria when Syria was working to eliminate this terrorist and the leader of al-Nosra Front al-Jolani and their terrorist organizations. Moreover, some of these states targeted the Syrian Arab army units in al-Jazira area when they tried to eliminate ISIS members stationed there.

Dr. al-Jaafari affirmed the necessity for all  member and non-member states of the UNSC to respect Syria's sovereignty and territorial integrity according to the principles of the International Law and the UN Charter, calling on the UN Security Council to shoulder its responsibilities and terminate the illegitimate presence of foreign forces on the Syrian territories and make the states that support terrorism and plunder Syria's resources including oil halt these practices.

Dr. al-Jaafari also underlined the importance of  the immediate lifting of  the unilateral economic sanctions being imposed on the Syrian people which constitute an economic terrorism and a collective punishment.

In response to speeches made by some UNSC members, Dr. al-Jaafari said that they are ignoring that there are an American occupation, an American robbery of the Syrian oil, a Turkish occupation and a process of demographic change at some Syrian Turkish border areas and terrorism in Idleb, publicly supported by sponsors of terrorism.