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Awqaf Minister: Palestine and Islamic unity are basic issues for Syria

TEHRAN, (ST)- Syria’s Minister of Awqaf (Islamic Endowments) Mohammad Abdul Sattar al-Sayyed has stressed that al-Quds, Palestine and the Islamic unity are basic issues for Syria and that the Palestinian cause concerns all the Islamic nation not only the Palestinians.

Al-Sayyed said during the 33rd International Islamic Unity Conference that the war waged by the Syrian Arab Army in cooperation with Syria’s allies against terrorism has foiled the US-Zionist schemes against the region, affirming Syria’s determination to eliminate terrorism completely and expel the Turkish invaders and occupiers from the country.

 He pointed out that the blockade imposed by the United States on the resistance axis will not weaken its determination, stressing that despite the crimes committed against the Syrian people which were supported by the United States and Israel, Syria has kept steadfast and managed to confront the terrorism that was exported to the country from more than 88 states. He affirmed that thanks to the continuous sacrifices and heroism of the Syrian Arab Army, Syria will triumph over terrorism.

Hamda Mustafa