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In light of the safety and gradual increase in the level of services… dozens of displaced families return weekly to their homes in Palmyra

Since the return of safety and stability to Palmyra, the neighborhoods of the city have witnessed the return of dozens of families to their homes every week after years of displacement as a result of the terrorism of "Takfiri" Daesh before its defeat thanks to the heroics and sacrifices of the Syrian Arab Army.

With the purging of the residential and archaeological city from terrorism in order to preserve the lives of tourist, the number of returnee families reached 350 in light of the gradual increase in various services, the start of the education process in the restored schools, rehabilitation of infrastructure, the return of public institutions and the availability of transportation between Palmyra and Homs, as well as the increase in the number of tourists to the archaeological city from all over  the world.

The families of Palmyra displaced by terrorism are gradually returning to their homes, where more than 350 families have returned since the restoration of security to the city" President of Palmyra City Council Hani Daas told SANA, referring to the availability of services of water, electricity, landline phone network with Internet as well as the equipment of Palmyra Hospital and a bakery and the opening of the Syrian Trade Hall.

“The City Council is implementing projects to illuminate the main streets, some sub-streets and part of the archaeological area, rehabilitate the city's sewage network, pave sections of main roads affected by terrorism and maintain some schools”  Daas pointed out.

“The educational process in Palmyra is going well after the opening of two schools recently and  the completion of the process of repairing what was devastated by terrorism” He said. “The City Council is offering all services necessary for the upkeep and cleanliness of the city.

Asaad Abu Ahmed, owner of a restaurant, said “thanks to the Syrian Arab Army, we have returned to our homes which terrorism made us abandoned, and we are satisfied with the level of safety and basic services required for the area”. He called for providing more services such as ensuring additional quantities of domestic gas and diesel and the access of electricity and water to all citizens. He underlined the need to return workers to some service departments, especially the civil and financial registry, instead of forcing people to go to Homs to seek these services.

Mohammed Abdullah, who was one of the displaced people living in Al-Rukban camp, expressed his joy at his arrival to the city of Palmyra and at finding a job for him and his sons in Sabkha Mouh, Palmyra, noting that the city is enjoying various services which are increasing day by day, calling on all the people of Palmyra to return to their homes.

Inas Abdulkareem