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Residents of the occupied Syrian Golan: The Golan is Syrian Arab land and the occupation is over

On November 12, our people in the occupied Syrian Golan announced that the Golan was and will remain Syrian Arab land inherited by children from parents and grandparents and that the Israeli occupation is gone.

Our people in the occupied Golan expressed in a statement their commitment to their land and the Syrian Arab identity and their sense of belonging to their homeland Syria. They continue in confronting the repressive and racist practices of the authorities of Israel against the people of the occupied Golan and aggressive and expansionist measures aimed at Judaizing the occupied Golan.

In their statement, they affirmed their readiness to sacrifice in order to preserve the identity of the occupied Syrian Golan and its affiliation to the motherland Syria.

They said: “We are fully confident that whatever the occupation tried to exploit its tools to obscure and distort the facts, the Golan will remain an Arab Syrian and will return to the lap of the motherland despite the occupation and its agents.”


O. al-Mohammad