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“Syria triumphs over pain”

Damascus,(ST)- The Department of Ecumenical Relations and Development in the Patriarchate of Antioch and all the East on Sunday held an artistic evening culminating its celebrations on its 25th foundation anniversary at the Conferences Palace in Damascus.

The evening, which was titled "Syria Triumphs over Pain", included several artistic activities attended by a huge audience.

A theatrical presentation by young volunteers from the Department of Ecumenical Relations depicted stories from Bible.

 John X Yazji of Antioch and all the East for the Greek Orthodox received  a shield from the Board of Directors of the Department of Ecumenical Relations and development. He said that this Department, which was established to receive and care for refugees who came to Syria in the wake of the Gulf War, currently includes 1700 people representing all Syrians components from  different Syrian governorates. The department gained the confidence of international organizations working in the field of relief, said Patriarch Yazji, pointing out that since the beginning of the crisis, the Department has sought to help all Syrians who are in need.

He went on to say that the Department is the charitable arm of the Church of Antioch and all the East that reflects God's love for each person in the form of gifts and assistance because it sees in it the grace of God.

After that, an exhibition was opened to include the products of children in the Department's "Dream" centers and the training institutes for adults, where the exhibits varied from drawing and coloring straw to pottery and origami, Arabic calligraphy, handicrafts and paper and painting on glass in addition to products of sewing and carpentry and dolls industry.

The ceremony was attended by Minister of Agriculture and Agrarian Reform Ahmad Al-Qadri, Governors of Damascus, Quneitra, Sweida, the Papal Ambassador in Damascus Mario Zinari and a number of clergymen and representatives of social events.

 Haifaa Mafalani