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Syrian Russian discussion to boost scientific cooperation

Rector of al- Baath University, Dr. Abdul Basit Al-Khatib, discussed with a Russian delegation representing GobkinUniversity and Moscow State University ways to strengthen cooperation in scientific fields and scientific research and to activate the cooperation agreement signed with Gobkin University since 2008, which aims to conduct joint research and boost scientific cooperation.

In a statement to SANA,  al-Khatib underlined the importance of scientific agreements signed with the Russian universities and their role in developing cooperation and joint supervision of postgraduate studies, expressing hope to strengthen cooperation with Moscow State University, especially in the field of energy and the security of the oil industry.

For his part, Dr. Eliashir Shenev, Deputy Dean of the Faculty of International Studies at Moscow State University, expressed the Russian side’s wish to cooperate with Syrian universities in the field of oil and gas specializations, especially with regard to the process of automation of oil and gas operations related to the oil industry and industrial security and information.

The Russian delegation visited the Faculty of Chemical and Petroleum Engineering at Al-Baath University and reviewed its laboratories and equipment.


Inas Abdulkareem