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Damascus University and the General Organization ofRemote Sensing sign a memorandum of understanding

On October 22, Damascus University, the “Higher Institute for Seismic Research and Studies” and the General Organization of Remote Sensing signed a memorandum of understanding to develop joint cooperation in the fields of scientific research, applied studies, rehabilitation, training and dissemination of knowledge.

The memorandum was signed by the Rector of Damascus University, Dr. Mohammed Maher Qabakibi and Director of the General Organization of Remote Sensing, Dr. Abdul Majeed Al-Kafri. Under the memorandum, the two sides will cooperate in laying down specialized studies in the field of geology, geophysics, earthquake science, seismic engineering, disaster risk management thus providing an information base within these disciplines.

The memorandum also includes joint scientific supervision on researches and master and doctoral theses at the Institute, in addition to providing the satellite images available to the General Organization to conduct scientific research in the field of disaster and earthquake science.

The two sides will also cooperate in the field of risk assessment, offer appropriate solutions to reduce their harmful effects and train researchers and technicians of the two teams in order to increase scientific efficiency and develop their capabilities.


O. al-Mohammad