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Wounded Soldiers from Damascus visit Lattakia and Tartous

The Local Development Office in Damascus governorate has recently organized a visit for 50   wounded soldiers of the Syrian wounded personnel with their companions to Lattakia and Tartous governorates. Several entertainment and social activities were carried out during the visit.

During their two-day visit to Lattakia province the wounded soldiers participated in an interactive training workshop aimed at benefiting from their capacities, capabilities and ideas in implementing their own projects. They also visited a number of Lattakia’s landmarks.

 A number of the wounded soldiers expressed to SANA reporter their happiness to be within the group visiting Lattakia and meeting wounded soldiers from this province.

 One of the wounded army personnel Abdo Al-Ibrahim underscored that the initiative in essence is a tourist trip but it provides an opportunity to meet new friends and counterparts from other provinces.

On her part Dr. Nabiha Fattal, a trainer in human development field, stressed that "the workshop in Lattakia targeted a category which we are proud of their sacrifices during the brutal war on Syria and at the same time we are learning from them the meaning of sacrifice for the homeland."

She pointed out that her training program focused on the way of thinking of each participant and on promoting the culture achieving the goal, especially that each of them has his own project which he aspires to achieve.

In Tartous province, the wounded soldiers visited Arwad Island tourist site to know more about the heritage of Syria within a warm atmosphere.

Rabi’e Ibrahim, head of the wounded soldiers department in Tartous, said that the visit to the island of Arwad aimed at sending the wounded soldiers’ message that they are one of the Syrian civilization symbols like its eternal antiquities.

 On their part, the wounded soldiers expressed their happiness over this visit, especially as it is the first visit of many of them to Arwad, considering that the activity is an opportunity to get to know each other more and to say that they have triumphed over their wounds, as they achieve victory against terrorism in cooperation with the Syrian Arab Army’s martyrs.

The Director of the Local Development Office in Damascus Governorate Areej Al-Mashi pointed out that the workshop and the visit of the wounded to the governorate comes within an entertainment and training program to enhance the positive aspects and abilities of the wounded personnel  and create a state of positive interaction.

Rawaa Ghanam