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The "Times" Uncovers Evidence of Turkish Regime Using White Phosphorus in Its Aggression on Syria

LONDON, (ST)- UK's "The Times" newspaper revealed on Monday evidence about the Turkish regime's use of the internationally banned white phosphorus in its aggression on the Syrian territories.

In a report titled "Evidence of Turkish phosphorus attack mounts in Syria", "The Times" explained the suffering and pain of the victims of the attacks with banned weapons by the Turkish invading forces.

It said that the serious injuries and terrible burns the victims are suffering from the Turkish regime's attacks seem a result from something that is far worse than explosions, pointing out that this provides clear evidence about the use of the internationally-banned white phosphorous against Syrian civilians by a NATO member.

 The newspaper quoted one of the doctors, who contributed to providing medical treatment to the victims, as saying that the burns are deep and their shape and smell are similar to the injuries caused by incendiary chemicals.

Hamda Mustafa