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Turkish regime forces commit war crimes in Syria: Senior Czech MP

PRAGUE, (ST)- Deputy Speaker of the Czech Parliament Tomio Okamura has stressed that the Turkish regime forces are committing war crimes in Syria, calling for not accepting Turkey as a European Union member.

In a statement on Monday, Okamura said that there is a clear evidence about Erdogan's regime's direct cooperation with terrorist organizations in Syria.

Deputy secretary of the Czech TOP 09 Party warned that the Turkish aggression on Syria threatens Europe's security, therefore the European Union should intensify pressure on the Turkish regime to stop its invasion of Syria.

 On his part, deputy head of the Czech Parliament's Defense Committee Radovan Feikh condemned the Turkish aggression on Syria, stressing that it is a flagrant violation of the international law. He called for expelling Turkey from NATO.

In a statement to "Parliamentary Papers" website, the Czech parliamentarian reiterated the illegality of all the troops which are present in the Syrian territories without the approval of the legitimate Syrian government.

On his part, the Slovak political analyst Branislav Faberi  emphasized that Syria is a sovereign state with a UN-recognized government, calling for respecting Syria's sovereignty and affirming that no country has the right to practice any military activities in the Syrian lands without the permission of the Syrian government or the Security Council mandate.

Erdogan's attempts to balckmail the EU Concerning Refugees intolerable

In Berlin, Deputy Speaker of the German Parliament Claudia Roth called for giving up the EU-Turkish "refugee agreement" against the backdrop of the Turkish regime's aggression on the Syrian territories.

"If Europe wants to enjoy credibility, it must give up this illegal agreement" Roth said in an interview with the German Die Welt newspaper on Monday.

She affirmed that President of the Turkish regime Recep Tayyib Erdogan intolerably keeps blackmailing the European countries concerning the refugee issue.

The EU's deal with Turkey, thrashed out in 2016, is meant to keep people from making the crossing in exchange for billions of EU aid funds and political concessions towards Ankara.

Hamda Mustafa