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US occupation forces continued withdrawing its troops from Syrian territory transfering them to Iraq

Al-Hasakah-ST- The US occupation continued withdrawing its forces from Syrian territory and evacuated several bases and transferred the military equipment towards Iraq.

The occupation forces conveyed scores of ISIS wives in less than 24 hours after they conveyed 230 foreign ISIS terrorists from Malekeyeh prison to al-Shdadi prison in the southern countryside of Hasaka

SANA correspondent in al-Hasakah said that a military convoy of the American occupation consisting of several military vehicles withdrew this morning from Aleppo and Raqqa countrysides, passing through the al-Hasakah towards Iraq.

The reporter pointed out that a convoy of more than 100 empty trucks accompanied by military vehicles entered this morning from northern Iraq to Syrian territory towards the city of Qamishli for completing the evacuation of US withdrawn forces.

Local sources pointed out that the military vehicles were headed to Jabal Abdul Aziz, southwest of Hasaka 45 km to evacuate warehouses from American bases.

The US occupation forces booby- trapped their evacuated headquarters in Qasrk village on Tal Tamr - al-Qamishli road in parallel with the destruction of its radar at the illegal base of Jabal Abdul Aziz in western Hasaka countryside before their withdrawal.

Since the beginning of the Turkish aggression on Syrian territory, the US occupation forces have transferred hundreds of soldiers and military equipment from several areas in Syria to Iraq through illegal corridors and airports.