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Al-Baath University Seeks Scientific and Service Excellence in a Step to Link University with Society

Homs, (ST)- "Achieving excellence in scientific research and higher education , serving  community and contributing to reconstruction process as well as upgrading  the world classification of the University, is the strategic vision of Al- Baath University". Affirmed Dr. Abdul Baset Al-Khateeb, President of Al- Baath University, pointing out that this strategy can be achieved by adopting several steps, including:

-Developing Al-Baath University so as to be an advanced scientific center in the field of higher education that graduates the qualified cadres to be of benefit to the labor market.

-Improving scientific research in the university and holding cooperative relations with all research centers, laboratories and scientific and research institutions. 

- Providing all aspects required to achieve excellence and creativity at the University.

- Increasing the university role in the reconstruction process, community service, sustainable development and raising world ranking of the University.

Dr. Al-Khateeb revealed that Al- Baath University rankings have risen more than 200 ranks in the last six months, according to the Web Matrix, due to the increase of the research that has been done in various disciplines compared to the past few years.

16 inventions in Damascus International Fair

"Aiming to encourage scientific competencies and attract creative ideas, Al-Baath University participated in Al-Basel exhibition for creativity and invention which was held on the sideline of the 61st Damascus International Fair, Dr. Al-Khateeb said stressing that 21 undergraduate and graduate students, supervised by 11 PhD, in addition to researchers from the university participated with 16 inventions representing the various faculties of the university.

Opening the Syrian-Russian Center

With regard to the aim of establishing the Syrian-Russian Center, Dr. Khateeb explained : " To achieve the university strategic vision  that seeks to develop the  scientific research and university achievement, Al-Baath University in cooperation with Moscow State University of Technology Stankin has opened the Syrian-Russian Educational Research Center in the Faculty of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering with the aim of increasing scientific exchange between the two universities, teaching the Russian language and holding joint scientific conferences and research projects between the two universities.

Competitions and Awards

Talking about the university achievements at the level of local and Arab scientific competitions, Dr. Khateeb said:" Al- Baath University achieved several ranks in the Robot Competitions organized by the Excellence and Creativity Commission during 2019 such as:

The University team won the third rank in the fifth National Robot Championship which was held in Damascus in March 2019.

The Robotics Club at the University ranked third in the fifth Regional Robot Competition which was  held in Beirut  in April 2019 under the title "Robot and Agriculture" with the participation of 12 Arab teams .

The University team won the third place in the qualification of the World Competition for Robotic in Syria "WRO Syria 2019", in August 2019, which was held in Damascus under the title “Smart Cities”.

Incubators and Research Centers

"Technological incubators are the most important methods that support the outputs of the scientific research. Al-Baath University has six incubators representing the basic technological incubator sections in the faculties of electrical and mechanical engineering, petroleum and chemical engineering, civil engineering, and the biotechnology incubator which is concerned with medical scientific applications and the agricultural research incubator and the basic science incubator which is concerned with the development of all industrial projects", Dr. Al-Khateeb stressed.

Conferences and Seminars

Concerning the university scientific activities, Al-Khateeb clarified: "During 2019, Al- Ba'ath University hosted about 50 scientific activities, including conferences, workshops, scientific symposiums, scientific days, exhibitions, and training courses in addition to several international scientific conferences". He pointed out that the Faculty of Agriculture, in coordination and cooperation with the Directorate of Agriculture in Homs, held several seminars that serve a number of agricultural issue economically and socially.

Amal Farhat - Homs