More international calls for halting the Turkish aggression on Syrian territories and for Sanctioning Edogan

CAPITALS, (ST)- The Turkish aggression on the Syrian territories continues to receive strong condemnation by world politicians.

Czech Prime Minister Andrej Babis called for changes in the NATO treaty in a bid to end Turkey's NATO membership. 

On her part, head of the Defense Committee at the Czech Parliament Yana Chernokhova warned that the Turkish aggression is unjustifiable and it threatens the region's security and stability. 

Bulgarian Deputy Foreign Minister Petko Doykov called for the immediate halting of the Turkish aggression on the Syria territories.

 During his meeting with the Syrian Charge de Affairs in Sofia Mohammad Mohammad Haqq, Doykov stressed Syria's right to fight terrorism in all the Syrian territories and to defend its sovereignty, national unity and territorial integrity.

A number of German politicians called for adopting punitive measures against the president of the Turkish regime Recep Tayyib Erdogan over the aggression on Syria.

Siwim Daghdelin, Deputy head of the parliamentary bloc of the German Left Party said that there must be a comprehensive ban on arms exports to the Turkish regime, calling for halting the financial aid and export guarantees "Hermes" given to Turkey and for confiscating Erdogan's EU accounts.  

Former German Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel criticized the weak stance of the European Union towards the Turkish aggression on Syria.

On his part, the German politician from the Christian Social Union Manfred Weber called for sanctioning Erdogan's regime.

"Economic sanctions will be a suitable means to pressure Erdogan," Weber said, calling for giving up negotiations on Turkey's access to the European Union.

Hamda Mustafa