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More evidence of close connection between Erdogan's regime and Daesh terrorists

RAQQA, (ST)- New evidence has surfaced to document the close connection between the Turkish regime and Daesh terrorist organization and to stress the sinister role that has been played by this Erdogan-led regime in sponsoring terrorist organizations and using them in implementing its aspirations in Syria and Iraq.

Local sources in Raqqa countryside revealed that during their aggression on the Syrian territories in the northeast of the country, the Turkish regime forces were in direct coordination with hundreds of Daesh terrorists who along with their families were located in a number of camps set for them by the US occupation forces and some of their allied groups.

 According to SANA, a supervisor of Ein Issa Camp in the northwestern countryside of Raqqa and where thousands of civilians and hundreds of Daesh terrorists and their families stay, uncovered that from the beginning of the Turkish aggression on the Syrian lands, Erdogan's regime bombarded the part of the camp which was dedicated for civilians and never shelled the other part where there were terrorists. Rather, the Turkish regime made contacts with the terrorists with the purpose of smuggling them to other areas under the control of its forces and mercenaries.

The supervisor pointed out that the terrorists and their families were moved to new places known only by the Turkish regime and its mercenaries and maybe by the US forces.

Thousands of civilians, who were displaced from their towns because of Daesh terrorism and who  stayed in Ein Issa camp, are now being re-displaced because the Turkish aggression on the camp.

Photos by SANA have showed tens of burnt tents whose residents had abandoned them minutes before the Turkish airstrikes targeted them. On the other hand, the Turkish regime has been working hard to save the terrorists of Daesh.

Moreover, media reports from Hasaka province said that since the beginning of the Turkish regime, the US occupation forces moved in several batches a number of daesh leaders and some 1000 women, who are wives of members of this terror organization, to Iraq.

Also recently, a video revealing cooperation between Erdogan regime and Daesh terrorist organization went viral on social media. The video showed a number of Daesh terrorists accompanied by Erdogan forces and mercenaries while claiming that they are the soldiers of the "Ottoman Khalifa".

Evidence about Erdogan's regime's connection with the terrorist groups in Syria is not new, because from the very beginning of the terrorist war on Syria, the Turkish regime has allowed  thousands of mercenary terrorists to infiltrate into Syria across the Turkish borders to fight the Syrian government after receiving training in camps set for them by Erdogan's regime near the borders.

Hamda Mustafa