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Pence Announces U.S. and Turkey Agreed on Suspending Turkish Aggression on Syria

ANKARA, (ST)- US Vice President Mike Pence has announced that the U.S. and the Turkish regime reached an agreement on suspending the Turkish aggression on the Syrian territories for 120 hours to allow the so-called SDF (QASAD) militia to withdraw from a so-called "safe zone".

 In a press conference on Thursday in Ankara, Pence said that the Turkish regime "will halt entirely the military operations for 120 hours", in order to allow SDF militia withdraw from what he called "safe zone". He pointed out that Washington is working in accordance with an agreement on pushing the SDF militias to 20 miles deep into the Syrian lands.

 Last August, the United States and Turkey agreed on establishing a so-called "safe zone" at the Syrian-Turkish borders in a flagrant violation of international laws. Syria has completely rejected the agreement because it is a blatant violation of Syria's sovereignty and territorial integrity.

 US President Donald Trump welcomed the deal on halting the Turkish "military operations" and stated that the sanctions, which the US had imposed on Turkey, "were no longer necessary after the deal".

Hamda Mustafa