ISIS terrorists are fighting alongside the Turkish regime forces in Syria

Hundreds of the members of the ‘Syrian Democratic Forces’ militia ran away from battle fields, while the Turkish regime forces use their mercenaries in the battles in the Syrian Jazeera, according to the Syrian Alikhbaria Tv channel.

The TV channel asserted that ISIS terrorists are fighting alongside the Turkish regime against Syrian people. It pointed out that the SDF militia abandoned its task of guarding ISIS terrorists held in prisons in the northeast of Syria.  

In addition, Over 700 people ran away from Ain Issa camp towards the Turkish border.

The Syrian News Agency (SANA) reported that new Turkish military convoys entered Ras Al-Ayn countryside, while the US occupation forces evacuate the illegal Jelbeyeh military base in the nnorthern countryside of Raqqa.

The Turkish regime forces and their mercenaries occupied Tal Abyad town in the north of Raqqa.

There were also clashes between the Turkish regime forces and the SDF militia at the border line in Ayn Arab area in Aleppo countryside.

The Alikhbaria TV channel unveiled that the SDF militia’s members, who implement western agenda against Syria,  plan to deliver Syrian border areas to Erdogan regime.

It is wortg mentioning that most of the armed groups fighting today under the banner of Turkey in the northeast of Syria , were the same groups fighting the Syrian government in the last 9 years, and they were receiving lethal and non-lethal support from the US, EU, Israel and other countries.

Basma Qaddour