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21.400 families displaced by Turkish attack on the northeast of Syria, says Hasaka Governor

Hasaka Governor Jayez al-Hammod al-Mousa has declared that 21.400  families  have been displaced as a result of Turkish attacks on the northeast of Syria.

He told the Damascus-based al-Watan newspaper that 1500 families are hosted in 13 shelters and some families are hosted in the city and towns.   

“The governorate provides the displaced people in the shelters with all basic needs,” al-Mousa added, clarifying that they people came from Amoda, Ras Al-Ayn, Derbaseyeh and other towns.

He affirmed that there will never be negotiations or meetings with the separatist militias because they brought the US occupation to Syria and they were behind the Turkish attack on the country.

Basma Qaddour