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Turkish regime forces destroy hospitals and institutes in the northeast of Syria

HASAKA, RAQQA, (ST) _The Turkish regime forces continued to attack the Syrian territories for the fifth day running and occupied several towns in Hasaka and Raqqa provinces.

According to the Syrian News Agency (SANA), the Turkish regime forces and their mercenaries destroyed  hospitals and institutes in Ras Al-Ayn city and occupied Suluk town in the northeastern countryside of Raqqa and towns of Dwira, Hrobi and Raj’an plus the Marokeh power station in the countryside of Ras AlAyn to the north of Hasaka.

Meanwhile, groups affiliated to the Turkish occupation forces infiltrated into the international road of Tal Tamer -Ain Issa.

Ain Issa camp, which hosts 10.000 displaced people, was evacuated by the SDF militia after the Turkish regime jets struck its circumference. It is located in the northern countryside of Raqqa.

Add to that, 280 members of SDF militia defected in the northern countryside of Hasaka, while other members of the SDF militia intercepted protesters against the Turkish aggression in al-Wehdeh street in Qameshli city.

In another development, the US occupation forces conveyed several officers and vehicles by military cargo plane from the illegal Rhebeh airbase to Iraq.

Basma Qaddour