Syrian Intellectuals and academics: The Syrian people will face the Turkish aggression

GOVERNORATES, (ST) -A number of writers, intellectuals and academics stressed that the Turkish regime's aggression on Syrian territory is a violation of international law and it reveals the size of Turkish ambitions, stressing that the Syrian people will stand in the face of this aggression.

The Rector of the Baath University, Dr. Abdul Basit Al-Khatib, pointed to the black history of the Turkish ambitions in Syria, stressing that the Turkish aggression on the Syrian territory is a flagrant violation of all international conventions.

Lawyer and writer Abdul Ghani Melouk stressed that the Turkish regime's aggression against Syria and all foreign schemes will fail, while the secretary of the Homs Chamber of Industry Issam Tizini pointed out that “the Turkish regime seeks through the occupation of Syrian territory in al-Jazira region to turn the region into a market for the promoting Turkish goods and enhancing Turkish economic dominance.

The Lawyer Ahmed al-Kousa explained that the Turkish regime has been trying to dominate the north of Syria and loot the available goods, recalling what it had done during the years of the global war on Syria to steal factories in Aleppo and spread chaos to affect the Syrian economy.

Dr. Adib Sakr, Dean of the Fourth Faculty of Economy at Damascus University branch in Quneitra, pointed out that the US President's decision to withdraw his forces from the Syrian territory came in coordination with Erdogan regime.

Dr. Suad Marouf, Dean of the Fourth Faculty of Education at the University branch, stressed that the Turkish aggression is illegal and it serves the Zionist project which aims at stealing more national wealth and undermining the Syrian economy, noting that the exchange of roles between the US administration and the Turkish regime in al-Jazira region is in the Zionist scheme put for our Arab region.

The head of the Quneitra provincial council, Dr. Shehada Al-Mar'i, said that the Al-Jazira region is an integral part of the Syrian Arab territories and that no country was allowed to attack a single grain of Syrian national soil.

Head of  Daraa Directorate Adnan al-Falah explained that the aggression of the Turkish regime is an attempt to divide Syria and plunder the wealth in order to serve the geopolitical interests of America and the Israeli occupation entity, which comes within the framework of the exchange of roles between Turkey and America, stressing that the Syrian people will confront the aggression and preserve the territorial integrity of Syria.

Raghda Sawas