US and NATO weapons uncovered in a Tunnel in Idleb

Terrorist militias holed up in Idleb countryside have tried to breach the de-escalation zone agreement through targeting Syrian army posts in the western countryside of Hama with the aim of creating a situation similar to the current escalation in the east of Euphrates.

A field source was quoted on the Damascus-based newspaper as saying that terrorist groups, which are positioned in Jabal al-Zaweyeh in Idleb countryside, opened fire and launched rockets on several towns in the western and west northern countryside of Hama where one person was martyred.

The paper added a terrorist group attacked army posts in al-Hamar town to the north of Qalaat al-Madiq and the army responded to the attack.

Meanwhile, it was reported that an army engineering unit destroyed a tunnel previously used by terrorists to hide ammunition and to produce drones in the south of Idleb province.

Before destroying the tunnel, the army units seized ammunitions, which terrorists received from the US and NATO.

Basma Qaddour