The People's Assembly: October Liberation War is the great heroic epic of Arabs in the modern history

 The Syrian People's Assembly said on Saturday that the Tishreen (October) War of Liberation represents the great heroic epic of the Arabs’ modern history and illuminates the path of sincere fighters in the face of the conspirators who forget that Syria is a symbol of pride, nobility steadfastness and national unity.

“The anniversary of the Tishreen War comes at a time when Syria is passing through the final chapter of its confrontation with the unjust global war waged on it for nearly nine years,” The People’s Assembly said in a statement on the occasion of the 46th anniversary of the Tishreen (October) Liberation War.

“We proudly stress that the heroic victories made by our valiant army and our people will write a new chapter of history for the region ,"the statement said.
O. al-Mohammad