150 More Displaced Families Return to al-Quseir

HOMS, (ST)- Within the framework of the government's efforts to help the displaced Syrians return to their areas that were liberated from terrorism by the Syrian army, 150 displaced Syrian families returned on Thursday to their houses in the liberated town of al-Quseir in the countryside of Homs after the concerned parties had completed maintenance and rehabilitation works for the infrastructure and service facilities in the town, according to SANA reporter.

 Yesterday, the Syrian town of al-Quseir witnessed the return of tens of displaced families after the damage in their houses was fixed and the services returned to the town.

Head of al-Quseir ‘s City Council Abdul Kafi al-Khatib told SANA that the number of  the returning families has reached 550 since yesterday, pointing out that restoring  security and services has been the main element which encouraged the locals to return.

The situation is becoming gradually stable thanks to joint efforts exerted by the locals and the government's establishments in order to restore normal life in the town.
The returnees inspected their damaged houses, stressing their determination to rehabilitate them and make their town better than before.

Hamda Mustafa