No Country in the World Gives up its Right to Protect its Citizens against Terrorism: ِAl-Moallem

NEW YORK, (ST)- Deputy Premier Minister of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates Walid al-Moallem has stressed that terrorism is still posing the greatest threat to international peace and security and it keeps endangering all without exception, stressing that Syria is more determined to press ahead with fighting terrorism until it is completely uprooted from the country.

Delivering Syria's statement at the 74thSession of the UN General Assembly, Al-Maollem said that this terror threat continues despite "the extraordinary achievements we have made in Syria thanks to the sacrifices and heroism of the Syrian Arab Army and the support of our allies and friends." He stressed that the Syrian people have suffered for more than eight years from the scourge of terrorists who have slaughtered innocent people, caused a humanitarian crisis, destroyed our infrastructure, and plundered the country.

Al-Moallem affirmed that the Syrian people have contributed to defending the entire humanity as well as the values of civilization and the culture of tolerance and coexistence in the face of the extremist thinking and the culture of hatred and death promoted by the terrorist organizations.

 He stressed that violating international agreements and treaties as well as supporting terrorism and imposing an economic siege on peoples increases the state of chaos in the international arena and leads all to be governed by the law of the jungle.

He went on to say that fighting terrorism is not a priority for many countries that keep silent over what other countries, like Syria, suffer because of terrorism.

"Some countries continue to invest in terrorism and use it as a tool to impose their suspicious agendas on the peoples and governments that reject foreign dictates, al-Moallem clarified, pointing out that Syria was the destination of tens of thousands of foreign terrorists coming from all over the world.

"Terrorism supporters have forgotten that if they continue adopting this policy, terrorism will be stronger and will threaten all without exceptions including its supporters," al-Moalelm added.

He reiterated that Idleb has become the largest hotbed for foreign terrorists in the world, wondering if any country will give up its right to protect its people when it is exposed to such a threat. He pointed out that Syria has dealt positively with all initiatives aiming at solving the critical situation in Idleb.

He made it clear that the Turkish regime hasn't implemented its commitments pursuant to Astana and Sochi agreements. It continues to support Jabhat al-Nusra terrorist organization which controls most of  the province of Idleb.

He said that the United States and Turkey maintain their illegal presence in the northern part of Syria, noting that the two countries' agreement on establishing a so-called "safe zone" in the Syrian territories is a blatant violation of the UN Charter. He stressed that any agreements on the situation in any Syria area without the approval of the Syrian government is condemned and completely rejected.

"Foreign troops are operating in the Syrian territories without the permission of the Syrian government. They are occupation forces and we have the right to adopt all legal procedures necessary to force them to leave," he said.

In addition, the Syrian top diplomat said, "the US-backed Qasad separatist militia keep committing crimes against the people in Hasaka, Raqqa, Deir Ezzor and Aleppo aiming to impose a new situation on the ground that serves the US and Israeli schemes in the region."

He added that the principles of international relations are being exposed to unprecedented threat, stressing that conflicts and threats to international security and peace are increasing and that the possibilities of war exceed the possibilities of peace.

Al-Moallem asserted that Syria has been keen on making progress in the political process and it has dealt positively with the results of Sochi conference, represented in the formation of the committee for discussing the Syrian constitution.  

He made it clear that the principles of the committee's work stress that the constitutional process must be led by the Syrians who have the exclusive right to decide their own future away from foreign interference and on the basis of commitment to the sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity of the Syrian Arab Republic.

Al-Moallem reiterated that the Syrian government is sparing no effort to improve the humanitarian situation in the country and rebuild what terrorism had destroyed and it has achieved notable progress in this regard despite the unfair economic blockade imposed on it. He pointed out that the countries which failed in achieving their goals through the military form of terrorism have adopted economic terrorism, represented in blockade and unilateral coercive economic measures.

He called for lifting the illegal coercive measures imposed on the Syrian people and on the independent peoples of Iran, Venezuela, Democratic Korea, Cuba and Belarus.

He stressed that doors are widely opened for the Syrian refugees to return home, vowing that the government will rebuild and rehabilitate all the infrastructure and service facilities in their areas which have been liberated from terrorism by the Syrian army.

Hamda Mustafa